About Me


I am a 24year old dentist who believes in philanthropy, goodwill and spreading positivity, gradually making this world a better place to live in.


Honest attempt :

Hi! I’m fiercely neurotic, moderately selfish and would REALLY like it if you could shower me with money, free food and a little more food.

Welcome to the section that gave me crippling social anxiety while filling out. About me?! Who can coherently answer that without sounding like a phoney know-it-all pretending to have it all figured out? Not me, I can’t do that. Sure, I could write about how ambitious I am, and how creative I’d like to be, but that would throw me into bouts of critical self analysis and self induced mockery ! Would I want to pretend? Maybe. A little. Because you’re reading this. But do I deserve to sound pretentious ? Nope. I like my sanity more.