7 Overlooked Fashion Concepts That Will Define Your Personal Style

Now India isn’t a particularly fashionable country. A major part of the struggle to be fashionable lies between our socio-cultural construct and ‘log kya kahenge?’.  I mean, lets admit it, there are just too many limiting factors. Rape scenes, sanskaar, mother-in-laws, society, izzat, tameez…it’s an inexhaustible list . So, the limited variety of Indian fashionistas either belong to the DSLR lenses or the extremely rich 0.1% of the Indian population.

I’ll tell you what’s fucked up about our style inspiration. While we are inspired by the celebrity wardrobe , the picture perfect movies set abroad, the progressive crowd around them, the chilled-out hippies inhabiting the movie set. It’s a tragedy when we ape the similar fashion statement because sadly outfits are all we can copy. Not the polished society from the movie set. Naturally, there’s a disastrous mismatch in what looks cool in the movies and how uncomfortable the same outfits make us feel in our regular Indian gullies.

But I’ll take up the case of the average Indians, who are under the pressure to be fashionable but fail to make it to the acceptable standards.

Finding your personal style

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Why do designers design bizarre outfits for the runway?

For a long time I thought of myself as the epitome of wannabe fashion. Not kidding. But as shallow as little knowledge and inflated ego is, I failed to understand why designers design bizarre outfits for the runway! Do they really think people would buy them?! Even worse, I couldn’t get it why the fashionistas and fashion critics quote them with such high regards for creating something like


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