7 Overlooked Fashion Concepts That Will Define Your Personal Style

Now India isn’t a particularly fashionable country. A major part of the struggle to be fashionable lies between our socio-cultural construct and ‘log kya kahenge?’.  I mean, lets admit it, there are just too many limiting factors. Rape scenes, sanskaar, mother-in-laws, society, izzat, tameez…it’s an inexhaustible list . So, the limited variety of Indian fashionistas either belong to the DSLR lenses or the extremely rich 0.1% of the Indian population.

I’ll tell you what’s fucked up about our style inspiration. While we are inspired by the celebrity wardrobe , the picture perfect movies set abroad, the progressive crowd around them, the chilled-out hippies inhabiting the movie set. It’s a tragedy when we ape the similar fashion statement because sadly outfits are all we can copy. Not the polished society from the movie set. Naturally, there’s a disastrous mismatch in what looks cool in the movies and how uncomfortable the same outfits make us feel in our regular Indian gullies.

But I’ll take up the case of the average Indians, who are under the pressure to be fashionable but fail to make it to the acceptable standards.

Finding your personal style

Over time, I’ve jotted down few observations that has helped me find my comfort zone .

  1. Mark your body shape

    Certainly the most important of the criteria, if you ask me. For example, I look horrible in a salwar suit. I’m  just not cut out for it. Flared trousers/high waist pants works great for the lower half of my body(because I have a petite butt ,more about that later :D), Whereas I prefer going for something more figure-hugging for the torso. Corsets, crop tops, off shoulder tops accentuate my body shape better.  I’m asking you to basically have a good look at your body type and the placement of wanted/unwanted fat tissue, understand which part of your body needs to be accentuated and which part needs to remain low key and choose clothes that does exactly that.
  2. Mind your fabric

    The part where money matters. The more money you put into a dress with a better fabric, the more it talks for itself. No kidding, the fabric you choose for an apparel speaks for itself. It’s capable of stinking of class and quite the opposite of that. Even with minimalistic designs, the fabric you wear has the potential to garner attention to your fashion statement but also could give off a tragic impression of a miser if chosen improperly.
  3. Personality Trait

    This is a personal take on Fashion, because I feel fashion is so much more in the mind than in the clothes. Fashion has psychological influences. The kind of person you are, the kind of person you want to be, the kind of person you want the world to find you as, it’s so deeply rooted to how you dress up. For all of you who think you do not give two cents about dressing up, let me tell you how exactly this state of your mind lets you choose the kind of clothes that say that you do not much care about it! That’s still a strong expression of who you are and how you want the world to see you, don’t you think?
  4. Body Language

    For me, carrying off what I wear is more important than what I wear. Wearing a low neckline dress that’s supposed to make my collar-bone visible, yet being super-awkward to show off my collar bone, ruins the outfit no matter how expensive or well crafted it is. People around you catch your vibe, your body language talks smoother than you and it’s magnanimously more effective in conveying how you are feeling about yourself.. So next time you attempt to buy something that you are not comfortable wearing, think twice. The same goes for uncomfortable shoes, sky-high heels and  patchy accessories. If you are not sure how you want to rock them, steer clear of them!
  5. Repetition

    There’s this thing about trends. It automatically tells you what’s supposed to be cool. But it’s also very, very, VERY repetitive. Take for instance the trend of chokers, there was hardly any girl in the club/ supermarket that I found, were without the chokers.  They were EVERYWHERE. It made me sick to see everybody overdoing the trend. Now, choose the trend you want to be a part of, carefully. Overdoing a trend makes you a commoner, doesn’t make you stand out. When everybody around you is repeating the similar trend, try not to look like a bunch of clones!
  6. Skin-tone 
    Choosing colors according to the skin-tone. This is tricky and might require a lot of experimentation to find the range of colors that flatter your skin-tone. But, once you do, this is a sure-shot way to save your day when you’re planning for that first date!
  7. Hair & shoes  
    Invest, Invest, Invest in your hair and chic pairs of shoes when you know zero things about fashion. This is a no-brainer that your hair almost has 10x times the sex-appeal than your one-liners. It makes you feel so sexy that you wouldn’t care if the guy you’re hooked to feels the same. Experiment with the length & color of your hair. Spend on the texture of it. But whip up the hairdo with kick-ass confidence!

These are the subtle things that I feel, we often miss regarding fashion. We make it more about the clothes and the designers, and so little about the personal style. It’s worth realizing that a fashion label will look good on you, not for the label itself but for how it looks on YOU. Therefore, it’s imperative to find your personal style before fretting about brands and labels.

And for the rest of the scandalous tit-bits to make you popular, our Indian society more than takes care of it. I’m sure you’ll agree.



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