Why do designers design bizarre outfits for the runway?

For a long time I thought of myself as the epitome of wannabe fashion. Not kidding. But as shallow as little knowledge and inflated ego is, I failed to understand why designers design bizarre outfits for the runway! Do they really think people would buy them?! Even worse, I couldn’t get it why the fashionistas and fashion critics quote them with such high regards for creating something like


Now, you can’t entirely blame me. With ‘fashion’ becoming the hottest buzz word and millions of Instagram models being the propagators of it, it’s not hard to assume that whatever looks pretty through DSLRs , is supposed to be fashionable. I mean they come up with personalized tips like ‘hi lovelies wear a blouse with a skirt!’ WTH?! Like thanks dearest, how would I ever figure out what to wear with a skirt had you not been there?! Also if you happen to be an Indian female fashion blogger, comments like “lukin beauty!!!!!!!!!!” from our esteemed male society (with due respect) is the benchmark for who’s in Fashion. Yo.

But, I happen to be one of those sad little creatures who cannot pass off style tips randomly off the internet. So I thought of researching about what’s so amazing about the runway designs that repeatedly astound critics time and again, in every Fashion week! And Guess what? I’m amazed too.

Here’s what I understood and I’d break it down for you.

To start with, Fashion designers and creative heads of multi-million dollars Fashion brands aren’t stupid. They are aware that you can’t possibly sweep the man/woman of your dreams off their feet on the first date looking like


There are two kinds of runway shows: 1. Ready-to-wear(RTW)/ Pret-a-Porter 2. Couture.

Ready-to-wear designs are the ones that could be worn straight from the run-way. The kind of clothes that are wearable in public without looking like a character from the Utopian society stuck in the 21st century due to a time-travel mishap. However, it’s up to the designer to get a bit dramatic with the garish make-up or wacky presentation of the outfits.

Couture – This calls for an entirely ornate and creative set of outfit designs that might/might not follow the social standards of what strikes ‘normal’ to our eyes. The designers invest entirely on accentuating the brand name, their quirky aesthetics and the innovative fashion statement that the Fashion house is supposed to uphold. No, they’re not aimed at making your hips look curvy. They’re aimed at innovation. They’re wearable art-work that are not supposed to sell at local stores and are exclusively meant for putting up a SHOW and marketing.

What blew my mind is that Fashion is dismissed as superficial, frivolous and vain. It’s mind-boggling to realize the amount of art, conceptualization and passion that goes into creating a line of clothing for a season!

Besides, who would like to sit through some 8 hours of fashion show with models dressed in boring regular outfits?! Adding that melodramatic flair is not only entertaining but also keeps one hooked to the fantasy appeal that fashion shows are known to have!

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  1. Fashion shows to a “clothing brand” is (probably) just like what F1 races are to an “automobile brand” . Because it is (maybe) impossible to show their superiority in the space of what is actually commercial.

    1. Point well made.
      The scope of sellable ‘commercial’ products have to be within the margin of mass social acceptance. That can limit the point of imagination and art.
      Also, you don’t have to go anonymous unless you’re a total creep.

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